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Crew Management 

iShips Mgmt Pte Ltd provides a wide range of crew management services, tailored to  your crewing needs. With our expertise, we are dedicated to satisfy world class safety standards, while maintaining quality services for seamless and cohesive crew management.

All seafarers sourced and provided by iships are strictly assessed to confirm they're an honest acceptable your vessels and their roles onboard. we have a tendency to conjointly assign you a passionate relationship manager to ensure that your current resourcing wants are met utterly and to help you in coordinative future crew offer needs.

We believe that people are the greatest asset, thus, we aim to recruit, train and develop the perfect team of highly skilled seafarers for your vessels.

Our services includes:

- Crew requirement agency

- Visa arrangement for crew

- Transportation of crew arrival or departure

- Immigration and customs clearance

- Medical assistance

- Hotel assistance

Alternatively, you can help us understand your crewing requirements, and we would be happy to customise crew management solutions to optimise your business objectives.

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