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Dry Dock and Lay Up Management 

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At Iships,

We make dry docking predictable and efficient through professional planning, preparation, and execution. We are firm believers in asset preservation and upkeep during lay-up. This is critical to ensuring that the vessel performs optimally when it is reactivated. We develop an efficient and practical roadmap by appropriately engaging stakeholders, developing comprehensive specifications, and carrying out the project as planned.

Safe anchorage in your designated location under strict, supervision Optimal crew solutions to meet your requirements,
The vessel is kept in top shape.
Opportunities for low-cost repair or maintenance work
A well-planned and executed reactivation ensures uptime.

  • Your vessel's safety is ensured.-

  • - Minimum safe manning required to keep the vessel operational

  • - Layout in accordance with class and insurance guidelines.

  • - During lay-up, operational costs are minimized, and reactivation costs are kept to a minimum.

  • - A well-planned and executed reactivation ensures uptime.

  • Handling of vessel dry docking at shipyards

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